fredag 29 oktober 2010

Taking commissions.

Commissions for face, torso and full body.

When describing the subject:
The more details you can give me the better.
Be sure to stress the most prominent features. After writing, read it through to get an idea of what I see. Most likely there are things you should add.

Sketches you have made yourself or pictures of resembling characters/persons are a good idea.

I reserve myself the right to decline requests without explanation, don't be offended.
If I send you previews, they will be very low "quality" (dpi-wise).

When I have a clear idea of what the assignment would demand of me, I will suggest payment and dead line. As always, I only sell the rights to publish the illustration in a certain context, a specific place - be it book or website. To publish the illustration at other places, negotiate with me once more. As always, the illustration can be bought "once and for all", but I do not recommend it.

And PLEASE, respect that I do not draw porn. I must even draw the line at erotic art.
Sexual art with characters who might be mistaken to be minors is out of the question.
Do not contact me with anything of the sort, in my country such a commission would put me in jail.

I'm curious to see what you want in pictures.
//Charlotte aka Beomene

So who am I?

So who am I?
I've been asking myself that question, actually.

Are you rich as hell?